Gert Krug (1931-2011)

Gert Krug was an avid craftsman, a pragmatic and solution-oriented businessman, and most of all a warm and generous person.

In his work he merged traditional craftsmanship with modern technology and thusly playing an active role in further advancing Erich Krug und Sohn's prosperous history since the late 1960s.

Early on he became acquainted with the world of carpentry: at the age of 14 he began his apprentice-ship in his father's business, who himself had been trained by his father. In 1948, after the turmoil of World War II and having been forced to leave his home, a new chapter and the real history of the company EKS began.

With his know-how and the labour of his hands he supported the founding of his father's workshops in Wilmersdorf from the the very beginning. Soon EKS emerged from its small beginnings, establi-shing a carpentry company with more than 20 employees and a growing, loyal customer base.

Gert Krug's passion for craftsmanship was not limited to the introduction of new technologies and the continual growth of his company (implementing a joinery, metal works and an own paint shop).
With great personal commitment he put effort into the promotion and education of young carpenter trainees. His tireless dedication to the cause has been honoured many times.

Far beyond the borders of Berlin EKS enjoys a splendid reputation and more than half a century after its founding it is established as a leading destination for technical and quality craftsmanship in furni-ture and shop fitting in the region, all thanks to the pioneering spirit and
dedication of Gert Krug.

With him we lose a great personality, a wise adviser, who not only has shaped the face of the compa-ny but has influenced the lives of many people. His life's work will always hold a prominent position in the history of our company.

We are proud and grateful for what we could learn from him and what he authentically exemplified through his own life, we feel obliged to keep on writing the success story of EKS in the spirit of Gert Krug.