Douglas Boulevard Berlin/Steglitz

For more than ten years Douglas in Berlin's Schönhau-ser Allee Arcaden has been the first choice when it comes to beauty and cosmetics in the Prenzlauer Berg area.

Since September 2011 the Arcaden-Douglas store shines in a new light: The entire shop design, production and assembly of all furniture were fully realised by our workshops, in collaboration with CD's creative head
Gerd Meyer.

The visual leitmotif is a sophisticated colour scheme: each section – from men's fragrance to natural cosmet-ics and skin care to make-up – is represented by a dis-tinctive range of tones.
The use of luxurious materials complement an overall tasteful minimalist design, monochrome surfaces with colour accents, stainless steel and glass underline the stylish appearance of the redecorated store.